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Regulated and Trusted Forex Brokers List 2024

Regulated forex brokers and the trusted forex brokers are the members of forex regulatory bodies that are laid down to protect the clients’ fund and ensure the forex brokers’ fair operations. However, forex brokers are regulated by country-specific regulatory bodies such as FCA, ASIC, CySEC, and others.

Although finding a broker that can be one of the trusted forex brokers is tough. But, it can be easier if you choose from our regulated and trusted forex brokers list.

Our research team and dedicated traders find out some best forex broker reviews who are regulated and trusted. With these brokers, you can take immediate action without any hesitation. Let’s see why regulated brokers are important, and how did we list them.

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Why Trade with Regulated Forex Brokers?

Regulated forex brokersWhen you set your mind for a certain broker, the first thing you have to check is which regulatory authorities oversee their operations and broker’s methods. But why should you check these? It is because; through these checklists, you can make yourself safe from the scammers. Besides, there are some other reasons to trader with regulated forex brokers. They are-

  • Safety of your fund: As per law, a regulated broker always keeps the trader’s fund separate from the company’s fund at top tier banks. Besides, the regulatory body continuously keeps audit the member brokers, which ensure your funds are kept securely.
  • Fair Trading Practice: As a regulatory body member, no brokers can be biased to some traders. As a result, all the traders are treated the same with reasonable pricing, fast and trustworthy executions.
  • Ensure Compensation: If a regulated broker goes out of business, regulatory bodies ensure that you get your funds back and proper compensation. On the other hand, you would not get this befits with unregulated forex brokers.

How Did We Choose Regulated and Trusted Forex Brokers?

When we make a list for regulated brokers, we through some factors that make those brokers trusted in our radar. Read on to know the factors we consider.

  • Regulations

The first factor we look for is whether the broker is regulated or not. If we get positive, further, we look for the specific regulatory bodies the broker registered to. Regulations ensure that the client is traders are handled professionally and ethically.

  • Trading Accounts

The next thing we look at is the broker’s trading account offerings such as micro, mini, ECN, etc. Accounts are important because these will match your initial investment capabilities. So, we have looked at the account types offered by our listed brokers keenly.

  • Client Support

With responsive client support, you will get your expected solutions quickly. So, speedy customer services are necessary.

  • Platform

Platform plays a significant role in forex trading as it can give you an insight into the market with necessary trading tools. However, third-party platforms are the most popular ones, and those were our priorities.

However, we considered some other minor criteria too. But these are the most important ones to filter the Regulated and Trusted forex brokers.

On the other hand, you don’t need to get worried about who is trusted, forex brokers! Picking one from our list would be good to go to start forex trading.

Meta: In forex trading, the safety of your fund should be the highest priority, and regulated forex brokers can ensure you the ultimate security to your funds.

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