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The Top Free Forex Signals website and all information contained in, or offered through it, is only intended for educational purposes and is not to be considered financial advice. This service does not provide legal or financial advice.

All information presented here is the author’s opinion and not advice, financial or otherwise, of any kind. That includes advice in any meaning of any act, law, or regulation of any country.

Top Free Forex Signals.com does not operate or supply brokerage, financial, investment or trading services and is not a financial advisor. This website is educational and used to share information about forex.

Where the information about profits and income is provided, whether explicit or implied, does not represent a guarantee. No trading method or advice given is a guarantee that users will get profits. It is imperative to remember that your trading can result in a loss.

All the responsibility for trades, trade decisions, and outcomes is yours. You agree not to hold Top Free Forex Signals or any other supplier of information on this website, responsible in any way whatsoever.

Using this system means that you accept the terms of this Disclaimer and Terms of Use.

Top Free Forex Signals does not present itself as a registered investment advisor or broker. The website does not offer to buy or sell the financial instruments mentioned in any of the services offered.

While Top Free Forex Signals believes that the content users get is accurate, there is no implicit or explicit warrant of the accuracy made. It is believed that the information offered is reliable. However, Top Free Forex Signals does not guarantee the completeness or accuracy of the information provided.

The third parties relied upon by Top Free Forex Signals to provide the information or technology could, at some point, encounter failure. If the information is delayed or not delivered, Top Free Forex Signals will not be held accountable for such incidents.

None of the information or commentary on this website, including (but not limited to) analysis, prices, news, opinions, research, and general, constitutes investment advice or a solicitation to engage in the trading of financial instruments of any type.

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