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HFTrading is one of the best-regulated forex brokers in Australia. It is their wide range of trading tools and instruments which make them the best forex broker. Their traders can also trade online using the most popular trading platform MT4 (MetaTrader 4). They provide flexible accounts and funding processes to their traders so that all the demands and requirements of the traders get fulfilled. They even experience their traders a competitive trading condition in the market. Besides, they are one of the few regulated brokers who possess a powerful trader’s academy for forex education and as a trader, you can learn many things about the market using their educational resources. These resources can be useful for all types of traders. Therefore, HFTrading review has always remained the best in the forex market.

HFTrading Review 2021

Account Opening

You can open an account in HFTrading easily just by completing an online application form. But alongside this, you also need to attach all the required verified documents to open a trading account with HFTrading. Before submitting the application and the documents, go through the terms and conditions properly. After finishing all these formalities, an officer from the accounts department will confirm and verify your account soon. Once it is verified, you will get a confirmation email with all the log-in details. Then you will just have to log in to your account, put the deposit money in your account, and start your trading journey with HFTrading.


HFTrading is mainly a trading business for the renowned CTRL Investments Limited. CTRL Investments Limited is registered in both Australia and New Zealand. In New Zealand, they are regulated by the NZFMA (New Zealand Financial Markets Authority). And in Australia, they are authorized by the ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission).

Available Countries

HFTrading review services are not available all over the world. They allow clients and traders from only two specific countries, Australia and New Zealand. Their services are not dependent on any jurisdiction or permanent resident. As they are not regulated outside of Australia and New Zealand, therefore they do not break the law by distributing their services outside of these two countries.

HFTrading Trading Platforms

Trading Platforms

As we have mentioned earlier, HFTrading can give you the opportunity to trade online with the famous forex trading platform called MetaTrading 4 or MT4. MT4 got this reputation because of its powerful programs and sophisticated user-manual. It is one of the user-friendly trading platforms of this modern world. It can be an ideal choice for any broker to pursue their goals in trading. This is why millions of traders are using this platform to do trading 24/7 throughout the world. HFTrading is providing you the best trading platform to make your career in forex trading. MT4 has some pretty interesting and appealing features, which are as follows:

  • Customization feature with the user-friendly interface
  • Ensures safe, advanced, secure, and transparent trading
  • Chance to observe the real-time bid through market watch window
  • The support system of real and experienced traders
  • Candlestick, line and bar charts are available
  • Test your strategies before using them through a test meter.

Trading Instruments

Though HFTrading doesn’t offer their traders any trading tool because of the potential abundance with the trading platforms. But as an HFTrading review team, we would like to approve that as their ground is solid. But with HFTrading, you can get the chance to access trading CFDs. More than 750 assets will be available for you as trading instruments. Some of them are as follows:

  • Currency pairs (includes both the minor and major)
  • Commodities
  • Stocks
  • Indices
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Metals
  • CFDs, more.

Deposit and Withdrawal

HFtrading use various methods both convenient and non-convenient to deposit and withdraw amounts from the trading account. They even allow credit and debit cards, bank wire, and online payment such as Skrill, Payoneer, PayPal, etc. But some methods are only available for some specific country. Therefore, you should check the terms and conditions thoroughly before submission. You can’t even use some methods in both depositing and withdrawing.

But using some payment methods can cost you extra fees and charges. They process all the withdrawal requests within the same day of request. Even the time of withdrawal can vary depending on the payment method and provider. Only bank transfers take two or three working days to get the money. Otherwise, all the other methods provide instant deposit and withdrawal.

Transaction limits, requirements, conditions, and restrictions are usually for some of the payment methods. But you can identify them by checking their website. If you don’t want these sorts of issues with your deposition and withdrawal, then try to ignore those payment methods. You may have to verify your account with the necessary documents in order to remove limits and restrictions in many countries. HFTrading doesn’t allow any sort of third party trading at all. You must do the deposit and withdrawal with the same name as the trading account.

USD and ASD are the two currencies that are allowed by the HFTrading in deposit and withdrawal. But you can’t ask for conversion in your own currency. Though you have the opportunity to convert these two currencies with each other.

Deposit and Withdrawal Method HFTrading

Pros and Cons

Let’s start with the pros of HFTrading review:

  • One of the best-regulated trading brokers
  • Guarantee of tight and lower spreads
  • No commission is required
  • Free VPS account
  • Opportunity to take service of the trader’s academy
  • Wide range of trading instruments
  • MetaTraders 4 allowed
  • More than 750 assets.

Now, here are the cons:

  • Traders outside of Australia and New Zealand are not allowed
  • The minimum deposit amount is $250.

Wrap Up

According to our HFTrading review, when it comes to providing a wide and generous range of trading services and platforms to satisfy all sorts of trading style traders, then there is no competition of HFTrading. You have the opportunity to select from more than 750 assets with the most user-friendly and sophisticated trading platforms provided. Both the brokers and the traders have the opportunity to utilize their trading knowledge with the resources of a trader’s academy of HFTrading. Newcomers and starters are the ones who can get the most out of this trader’s academy. Therefore, we would recommend HFTrading to all the beginners who want to start their journey in trading. Besides, in HFTrading, the trading condition is quite competitive which will make sure your future success in trading at any condition. Even their flexible types of accounts will help you fulfill all the requirements and needs. Before finishing the HFTrading review, we must appreciate their support system where you can get 24/7 help for any issue and trouble. Veteran and successful traders will help you get through your problems and solve them in no time.

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